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New Rules for Working After Retirement

Legislation will change "working after retirement" rules for KPERS members and employers (not KP&F or Judges) beginning July 1, 2016.

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Better Resolutions for Better Results

Tis the time of year to make New Year’s resolutions. And financial resolutions are popular every year. Most people say they want to save more, spend less or pay off debts. But rather than make a general resolution that’s easy to lose track of, think about a specific goal. A financial goal should always have an amount and a time-frame attached to it. See how you can make a worthwhile resolution even better.

Good Resolution: Start saving for retirement.

Better Resolution: Starting with the first 2016 payday, I will save $50 (or other amount) per paycheck in KPERS 457, my employer’s retirement savings plan or another savings vehicle.

Tip: Make savings automatic with payroll deduction.

Good Resolution: Save more for retirement.

Better Resolution: Increase my retirement savings by 1 percent (or more) starting in January.

Tip: Save a percentage instead of a dollar amount, your savings will get a raise whenever your pay increases.

Good Resolution: Spend less money.

Better Resolution: Cut $50 per month off my food spending.

Tip: Clipping coupons, buying store-brand or shopping in bulk for nonperishables can help chop your grocery bill. By planning meals ahead, you may find yourself eating out less.

Good Resolution: Stick to a budget.

Better Resolution: I will find a budget-tracking tool that works for me, and use it to track my spending each month.

Tip: See our Budgeting Techniques article on page 2.

Good Resolution: Pay off debt.

Better Resolution: Pay off $100 (or other amount) of debt each paycheck or each month.

Tip: A vague goal to pay off debt may not get you far. Instead, make an achievable, realistic goal with a specific amount. Over the year, you’ll knock a big chunk out of your debt.

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