Setup Your Online Account

If you have any questions about setting up your account contact KPERS.

Basic Info

You'll enter your name, date of birth and Social Security number.

Email Address

You can use any email address.
It'll be your login ID.
You can change it anytime in your account.


Password must contain:

  • 12+ characters
  • At least 3 of the 4: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, special character

Image & Phrase

Select an image and enter a phrase. This will display each time you login.

Security Questions

You'll pick 3 security questions in case you forget your password.

Retirees need to call KPERS before setting up an online account. Even if you had an account set up before you retired.

Update Your Address

You have three options to update your address: online, email or by mail


  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on your retirement plan
    (KPERS, KP&F, Judges).
  3. Click Personal Profile from the left side menu.
  4. You'll see your current contact info. Enter your new info and click Update.
  5. A pop-up box will ask if you're sure. Click OK.
  6. Changes take effect immediately in your online account and your KPERS record.


  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Include: Name, Last 4 of SSN, Phone Number, Old Address (Address KPERS has on file), New Address

By Mail

  1. Complete a Change of Address form.
  2. Mail to KPERS, 611 S. Kansas Ave., Suite 100, Topeka, KS 66603-3803.

Change Your Beneficiary

It's important to keep your beneficiaries up to date. You can name more than one and you can name different entities.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click Beneficiaries, from the left side menu.
  3. Choose Click here to change your beneficiary in the orange box.
  4. Click Next to agree that your changes will replace all current designations.
  5. You'll see your current beneficiaries. If you need to, edit or delete any. To add a new beneficiary, click Add beneficiary. Be sure to click Save before moving on. Repeat these steps if you need to add more than one.
  6. Click Next to review your designation.
  7. Complete the signature page and click submit
  8. A confirmation appears. You can print a copy or save a PDF. KPERS will mail you a confirmation letter.

Visit for more info on naming your beneficiary.

Change Your Withholding

You control how much tax you have withheld from your benefit payments. You can make changes by sending us a Withholding Certificate by mail. If you have questions, you may contact a tax advisor.