Employer Audits

We partner with you to help members.

KPERS 2023 Audit Department Group Photo

It's all for the members.

Audits are part of the Retirement Systems’ fiduciary responsibility to our members. We work with you during the audit to help ensure members get the most from their death, disability and retirement benefits. That’s something we all care about.

We partner with you to:

  • Uncover and fix inaccuracies in the Retirement System and employer records
  • Verify members' accounts are correct
  • Highlight Kansas statute and regulation requirements

How do we choose employers?

The KPERS Employer Audit Team performs multiple audits each year. The more enrolled members you have, the more often you’ll see us. Our largest nine employers are audited every year. Every 3 to 10 years is typical for smaller employers.

While most employers are not selected for specific reasons, other than their size, certain factors raise the possibility of being selected for an audit sooner:

  1. Consistently filing reports late
  2. Frequent enrollment errors
  3. Members notifying us that they don't think their or others' KPERS is being handled correctly

How does the audit process work?

The audit starts with sending the designated agent an engagement letter with the audit period and the initial records request. In this engagement letter, we ask to set up a meeting to discuss the process.

Initially, we request copies of your payroll and employee lists. For most audits, records are provided to us electronically through secure links. Most of the auditor’s work is done in our office with as little disruption to you as practical.

After reviewing your payroll and employee listings, we ask questions and might request more records, such as position descriptions and work contracts.

If it is determined that adjustments or enrollments are needed, the auditor works with you to set those up. Once the review is complete and the required changes have been processed, we issue a summary report.