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When Can I Retire? How Much Will I Get?

One of the most common questions we hear is, "When can I retire?" The next most common is "How much will I get?" There are 3 ways to find the answers online.

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1. Your Online KPERS Account & Personalized Benefit Calculator

Login to your KPERS account. Once inside, click on your account, then on the left menu select "Benefit Calculator". Select the "New" button and follow the screen instructions to complete your estimate. This calculator is already populated with data from your KPERS account, it's the easiest and most accurate way to get a snapshot of your retirement.

2. Online Benefit Calculator

From the blue bar above, select "Calculators" and choose your retirement group from the dropdown menu. You'll need a to enter a little bit of your KPERS account information into the calculator. If you don't know your final average salary or years of service, you can find that information in your online account.

3. Your KPERS Plan Description

Finally for an overview of how KPERS is calculated and general retirement eligibility requirement, you can find your KPERS group details here:


July 1, 2009


July 1, 2009
to Dec 31, 2014


Jan. 1, 2015
and after


Police, Fire


All Elected &

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How to
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