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Retirement Eligibility

First, you need to know your KPERS group to learn the retirement eligibility criteria. If you don't know your group you can find it in your online account or on your last Member Annual Statement. Your age and your years of service determine when you can retire. See more information below on picking a retirement date.

Picking a Retirement Date

Your retirement date can be the first day of any month, as long as you are off your employer’s payroll. School members under the continuing contract law must wait until June 1 or after. Judges can retire any day of the month. When choosing your retirement date, keep in mind that any remainder after your quarters of service are converted to years of service is rounded up or down. Sometimes working even a few more days can make a difference and could mean an extra year of service used for calculating your retirement benefit. Contact KPERS if you need help picking a retirement date.

Keys to Picking a Date:

Must be the 1st day of a month

Must be off your employers payroll

Years of Service & Rounding
Four quarters of service equal one year, but two service quarters round up to one year. You may want to consider your individual rounding quarter when choosing your retirement date. Your age is determined by your last birthday and is not rounded up. Ask your employer or contact KPERS for help determining your rounding date.

Retirement Date Submit Application By 1st Benefit Payment
January 1 December 1 Last business day of January
February 1 January 1 Last business day of February
March 1 February 1 Last business day of March
April 1 March 1 Last business day of April
May 1 April 1 Last business day of May
June 1 May 1 Last business day of June
July 1 June 1 Last business day of July
August 1 July 1 Last business day of August
September 1 August 1 Last business day of September
October 1 September 1 Last business day of October
November 1 October 1 Last business day of November
December 1 November 1 Last business day of December
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