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Application for Withdrawal of Contributions booklet
Application for Retirement Benefits booklet


Membership Guide, KPERS 1 & 2
Benefits at a Glance, KPERS 1
Benefits at a Glance, KPERS 2
Benefits at a Glance, Correctional KPERS 1
Benefits at a Glance, Correctional KPERS 2
Retirement Options, KPERS 1
Retirement Options, KPERS 2
KPERS Pre-Retirement Planning Guide, KPERS 1 & 2

Benefits at a Glance, KPERS 3
Disability & Life Insurance Benefits, KPERS 3
Retirement Benefits, KPERS 3

Membership Guide, KP&F
Benefits at a Glance, KP&F
Retirement Options, KP&F
Pre-Retirement Planning Guide, KP&F

Membership Guide, Judges
Benefits at a Glance, Judges

Optional Life Insurance Booklet
Long-Term Disability Benefits Summary Plan Description – GLD 2006
Leaving Employment and Your Retirement System Benefits
Online KPERS Account Enrollment Flyer
Important Tax Information Booklet
Working After Retirement for Members

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