Member Videos

Member related videos that cover a number of different KPERS topics as well as our most recent webinar recordings.

Older Member taking notes while on her computer watching/reading.

General Member Videos

Welcome KPERS 2 Members 03:34

Welcome KPERS 3 Members 04:29

Welcome KP&F Members 03:47

Retirement Income 02:32

Member Annual Statement Preview 1:28

KPERS 457 Videos

Your Personal Retirement Savings Plan 01:36

Good to Be Young 01:40

Good to Be Young 2 01:24

Webinar Recordings

The KPERS Employee Journey 55:15

The KP&F Employee Journey 38:06

KPERS Funding Basics Webinar 51:44

DROP Webinar for KP&F Members 40:34

KPERS 3 Pre-Retirement Webinar 1:03:25