Let us help you build your nest egg.

Experts suggest replacing at least 80% of your income in retirement. KPERS & Social Security won't be enough. You need to save on your own. But how do you start?

That's where KPERS 457 comes in

What is KPERS 457? It's the easy way to save

KPERS 457 is the State of Kansas deferred compensation plan. It’s a voluntary savings plan for all state employees and some local employees.

 Investing the easy way

With KPERS 457, investing is easy. One option is a Target Retirement Fund. Just choose the fund closest to the year you plan to retire, and the fund will do the rest.

 How it works

  • You choose how much to save and when
  • You can start or stop anytime
  • Contributions are automatically deducted from your pay – pretax
  • You can start with as little as $12 per pay period

  KPERS & KPERS 457, together

KPERS oversees KPERS 457 with your best interest in mind. It’s part of our fiduciary commitment. And KPERS 457 is in tune with how the two plans work together. You can count on KPERS 457 to be a trusted partner.

Getting started is easy. Enroll in a few quick steps.

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