Employer Videos

Most of your KPERS work is done through the employer web portal (EWP). Bookmark this webpage and use it as your resource for quick EWP info and processes.

EWP Web Browser and Pop-up Requirements

computer monitor with the employer web portal displaying

The Basics

Pay Reporting 01:08

Working After Retirement 01:43

Leave of Absence 00:58

EWP QuickVids

EWP Login 00:43

EWP Home Page Tour 01:15

Messages 01:20

Secure Upload 01:46

End Dates 01:39

End Date QuickSteps (PDF)

Adjustments 02:03

Certifications 01:43

Certifications for Schools 04:16

Certifications for Schools QuickSteps (PDF)

Optional Life 02:05

Optional Life QuickSteps (PDF)

History 01:50

Enrollments 01:59

Enrollments QuickSteps (PDF)

Off-Cycle Pay 02:21

Summer Pay 04:00

Verify Service Quarters 01:34