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An employee’s service is credited by quarters. This is important when applying retirement credits for KPERS 3 members and calculating service credit for KPERS 1 and KPERS 2 retirement.

Quarter details are calculated automatically based on your first payroll of the year or are recalculated if changes are made to the Service Quarter Base. The quarter begin dates are the first day worked in the first pay date of that quarter.

To see your current year’s service quarters, click on the Pay Cycles tab.

Verify Service Quarters

Each fall you need to verify and submit service quarter information for the following year. KPERS projects your service quarter information using last year’s info. Even if you don’t make any changes from the previous year, you’ll still need to verify.

Service quarter information must be correct because it affects service credit for retirement.

The system will post a To-Do item on the EWP to remind you that your service quarter info is ready to verify. We'll also send you a reminder message.

  • Login to the Employer Web Portal (EWP). On left navigation bar, click “Employer Info” and then the “Pay Cycles” tab. Open each pay cycle to review.
  • Review Service Quarter Base section for each pay cycle. It should reflect your first payroll of the upcoming year. KPERS projects future dates and populates this area based on the dates from your current year. Make changes if needed.
  • (Option) You can upload pay period information to change an existing/prepopulated pay cycle.
  • Review the Service Quarter Dates section. The system automatically calculates this information based on your Service Quarter Base. Make changes if needed.

Changes checklist:

  • Click Save when all changes are complete.
  • Click Validate
  • Click Employer Info
  • Click Submit To KPERS

No changes checklist:

  • Click Validate
  • Click Employer Info
  • Click Submit To KPERS

If you have a pay cycle which is not listed you will need to contact KPERS.

The Service Quarter Base section has the dates for your employer’s first payroll of the year. Verify the information entered for the Pay Date and Begin Date.

You will use a different pay cycle number for each payroll cycle your employer has. If you do not use one of these standard pay cycles, change the Service Quarter Dates to reflect the correct dates.

Remember: The system will calculate the Service Quarter Base end date based on the number of days in the standard pay cycle selected.

Standard Pay Cycles
Weekly (7)
bi-Weekly (14)
Quad-Weekly (28)
Monthly (30 or 31)
Semi-Monthly (15 or 16)
Service Quarter Year: Payroll year you are certifying
Pay Cycle (Department): Usually remains blank if you have only one pay cycle
Pay Checks Per Year: How many paychecks in your payroll year – KPERS has 5 standard pay cycle options (see Understanding Service Base Fields)
Validation Required: Y=Yes (you still need to validate and submit) N=No (service quarters have been validated and are ready for you to submit, if you haven’t already
Pay Date: Date of first paycheck of the year
Begin Date: First day of payroll period for first paycheck of the year (December for some employers) Example: Payroll period of 12/23/18 (begin date) through 01/06/19 (end date) is paid on 01/12/19 (pay date)
End Date: System calculates based on number of days in standard pay cycle.

To see past years' service quarters details, click History and the Service Quarters tab. Then search by year.