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Employer Manual

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Employer Manual

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Revised: 7/22


Revised: 2/22


Revised: 4/19

Contact KPERS

Revised: 7/22

Contribution Rates

Revised: 6/21

Designated Agent

Revised: 4/19


Revised: 6/21

Employer Web Portal

Revised: 4/19

Kansas Board of Regents

Revised: 1/22

Leaving Employment

Revised: 2/20

Member Benefits

Revised: 4/19

Membership: Non-School

Revised: 11/21

Membership: School

Revised: 9/21

Optional Life Insurance

Revised: 7/22

Pay Reporting

Revised: 4/22

Retirement - KPERS 1

Revised: 10/23

Retirement - KPERS 2

Revised: 10/23

Retirement - KPERS 3

Revised: 10/23

Service Credit

Revised: 9/21

Service Quarters

Revised: 6/19

Working After Retirement

Revised: 11/20

Additional Resources

OGLI Rates

Optional Group Life Insurance Rates: Member, Spouse, Child

QDRO Guidelines

When Members Divorce (QDRO Guidelines/Forms)

KP&F Manual

KP&F Employer Manual Revised 7/24 (PDF, 303KB)

Employer Audits

What is a KPERS audit?

Compensation to Include in KPERS Contributions

Compensation Included (PDF, 55KB)

Helpful Resources

Summer Pay for Retiring School Employees (Cheat Sheet) 6/23 (PDF, 59KB)

Summer Pay, OGLI & Retirement Q&A 4/24 (PDF, 227KB)

Online KPERS Account Flyer 11/16 (PDF, 143KB)

Leave of Absence Chart 10/16 (PDF, 80KB)

Retirement System Plan Comparison 4/17 (PDF, 102KB)

Recent Email Communications

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