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Quick Vids & Education Opportunities

Top-5 Most-Viewed EWP Quick Vids of 2023

Our video series called The Basics and our EWP Quick Vids give our Employer Contacts a good understanding and helps with the day-to-day tasks associated with their KPERS roles. You can find all employer videos on our Employer Video page.

Education Opportunities

From in-person on-location seminars to comprehensive online webinars to topic-driven webinars that shine a "spotlight" on specific subjects, your educational opportunities cover a lot of ground. See them all right here.

  • Current Workshop: New DAs & Contacts  - Starts March 5, 2024. Will we be in your neck of the woods?

    (1) Log on to EWP to register

    (2) Click on Employer Info

    (3) Click on Education tab

    (4) Use pull-down to select workshop and location & click Search

    (5) Click the Register link

  • Last Workshop: KP&F  - Jan 17, 2024 | Slides (PDF) | Recording (leaves KPERS site)

  • Latest Subject Spotlight: Disability  - Dec 13, 2023 | Slides (PDF) | Recording (leaves KPERS site)

KPERS Email Communications

Latest & Most Important Employer Emails

KPERS shares important employer info through emails. We also ask you to forward some info to members. Emails are a vital part of the employer-KPERS relationship.

Updates to the Employer Manual