Board Election 2025

KPERS Board members serve an important role overseeing operations and safeguarding the System's assets. Retired and active members can run for an elected board position and get involved. Board duties.

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How to Get on the Ballot:

Candidate Affidavit of Petition Circulator and Candidate Nomination Petition Forms

In April 2025, members will elect two board members. Any active or retired member interested in becoming a Board Election Candidate must complete the Petition and Affidavit.

To get on the ballot next spring, you need to collect 100 member signatures on a petition and submit an affidavit.

Candidate Nomination Petition form | Affidavit of Petition Circulator form

KPERS is also offering online petitions. Any individuals who choose to do an online petition will still be required to submit an affidavit for themselves and any others who help gather signatures. Please contact Emily Wilson, communications officer, at [email protected] to get set up with your online petition. BOT election online petition

Election Timeline
June-November 2024 Candidates collect signatures
November 30, 2024 (12 p.m. CST) Candidates forms due
April 2025 Voting period
July 1, 2025 Winners take office

How the Board is Organized

The KPERS Board of Trustees is comprised of nine members. Four are appointed by the Governor, two are appointed by legislative leaders, two are elected by Retirement System members, and one is the elected State Treasurer. All serve four-year terms. Current trustees

Board Duties

  • Reviews and adopts actuarial assumptions and reviews employer contribution rates.
  • Determines and appropriate asset allocation mix.
  • Establishes and follows investment policies and guidelines.
  • Hires and monitors the performance of investment managers.
  • Hires and monitors the performance of various other service providers, including actuaries, consultants, advisors and custodians.
  • Hires and monitors the performance of the executive director (chief executive officer).

Required Personal Commitment

The Board meets seven times a year, usually in Topeka. Trustees also serve on the committees listed earlier, which require additional meetings on the day before the full Board meeting. On average, trustees will spend 15 days a year in Board meetings. Occasionally there are special phone meetings between regularly scheduled meetings. In addition, trustees must read meeting materials in advance and prepare for meetings. Trustees must be committed to their fiduciary responsibilities according to law, acting in the best interest of members for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to members and their beneficiaries.

Trustee Compensation

Trustees receive compensation for each Board meeting at the legislative daily rate, currently $88.66 a day. Trustees do not receive an annual salary or stipend.

They also receive allowance and reimbursement like State of Kansas employees:

  • Lodging: $107 allowance, arrangements through KPERS
  • Subsistence allowance: $55/day
  • Mileage: $0.655 cents per mile for privately-owned vehicles