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Green Thumb Tips to Grow Retirement Dollars

When you think of investing, do you picture a bustling stock exchange, electronic tickers and fancy suits? For most of us, saving for retirement is more like watching grass grow. Try these common investing principles to help your retirement savings grow.


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Avoid These 5 Financial No-Nos

1. Not having an emergency fund

This is your first line of defense against surprise expenses. Cars break down, sewer lines clog, appliances need replaced. Expect the unexpected. Having an emergency fund helps you avoid pulling out the credit card. We’ll get to avoiding credit card debt later.

So how much should you have stashed away? A good rule of thumb is to save six months of living expenses in your emergency fund.


KPERS 101: How Do I Purchase Service?

For members in the traditional defined benefit plans (KPERS 1, KPERS 2, KP&F and Judges), service credit is an important factor used to calculate your future retirement benefit. You automatically earn service credit each year.

You may be able to increase your benefit and possibly retire earlier by purchasing service credit for your past public service. Only active members can purchase service.

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Introducing Your New KPERS Board Trustees

KPERS welcomes three Board trustees. In the April 2017 board election, KPERS members elected two trustees, one for the school group and one for the non-school group. Thank you if you voted in this year’s election. Your trustees will be sworn in at this month’s board meeting.


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