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Kansas Legislation

Resources For Bills Related to KPERS

KPERS is governed by the statutes of the State of Kansas. Check here during legislative sessions to see current bills related to KPERS. If you have questions about a legislative issue affecting the Retirement System, contact Jarod Waltner at [email protected] or 785-296-5949.

2021 Session

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Top KPERS Bills Explained

For KPERS-related bills that need a little more explanation, we'll cover those here.

Bill: HB 2243
About: KPERS policy changes
Summary: Combined legislation of all KPERS policy changes.
Read full summary.

Bill: HB 2063
About: Michael Wells Memorial Act - KP&F Tier II Spousal and Dependent Children Benefits
Affects: KP&F Tier II Members
Summary: KP&F Tier II spousal benefits for death resulting from a service-connected disability.
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Bill: HB 2405
About: $1B Pension Obligation Bonds
Affects: KPERS School Group unfunded actuarial liability
Summary: HB 2405 authorizes the issuance of $1 billion in bonds to fund a portion of the KPERS School group unfunded actuarial liability.
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