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2014 Legislative Summary

2014 Legislation Tracker
Bill Summary
Bills Carried Over from 2013 Session  
Senate Bill 205 Adjusting Interest Credits and Annuity Interest Rate
Senate Bill 237 Timeline for returning to KPERS covered employment following military discharge
House Bill 2230 Authorizing transfer from the ELARF funds for school district employer contributions
House Bill 2301 Adjusting Interest Credits and Annuity Interest Rate
House Bill 2308 KPERS Working After Retirement/Computing Final Average Salary (does not apply to KP&F or Judges)
House Bill 2380 COLA for certain retired KPERS members
House Bill 2383 Iran Divestment
Bills Introduced in 2014 Session  
House Bill 2519 Enacting the KPERS Defined Contribution Plan
House Bill 2533 Adjustments to the Cash Balance Plan
House Bill 2539 Cost of Living Adjustment for Retirees
House Bill 2564 Technical Amendments
House Bill 2589 Eliminating Sudan Divestment Requirements
House Bill 2596 Computing Benefits for Furloughed Members
House Bill 2602 Adjusting the Cap on KPERS' Unclassified Employees
House Bill 2666 Pension Forfeiture for Felony Conviction
House Bill 2740 Eliminating annualization of certain compensation by legislators in determining benefits
House Bill 2742 Moving Correctional Officers to KP&F for future service
House Bill 2743 Providing additional lump sum retirement benefit options under KPERS, KP&F, and Judges Retirement Systems
House Bill 2760 180-day waiting period before re-employment

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